Preventing Workplace Bullying and Harassment A Values-Based Approach

Preventing Workplace Bullying and Harassment A Values-Based Approach

Workplace Bullying and Harassment can cost employers time, money and productiveness. There has been an increase in grievances relating to bullying and harassment. In 2015 it was estimated to cost the UK economy £18bn a year.
This half-day session is designed to build the confidence and skills of anyone who has a role to play in managing teams or supporting those who do. Are you investigating or hearing grievances? then this can help build your confidence and skills. There will also be a surgery at the end of the session where delegates can confidentially and safely share some current concerns they may have with Brian Donnelly and get some impartial advice and guidance on a 1-2-1 basis.
Delegates will leave with a clear understanding of the difference between buying and harassment and will have explored practical and helpful ways to both prevent and respond to these behaviours. Through an exploration of values, behaviour and culture, delegates will have the chance to reframe their understanding of this issue and plot a course to creating work environments where bullying and harassment cannot thrive.

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