Relationships and Behaviour


I have developed and delivered training on this issue since the late 1990’s. I help develop practice and policy that builds on a sound understanding of values and relationships as protective bring a wealth of experience, practical experience on understanding behaviour, stress and the tools we need to build relationships and create environments that are safe and allow us to de-escalate and reposed to challenges.

I recently developed and delivered bespoke training on this to Youth Academy Football Coaches and this saw a change in focus and reflected the evolution of the role of football coach. This training saw 100% of delegates reflect increased confidence and understanding of values, relationships and behaviour.

What is on offer?

I will tailor support based on local need and areas identified by partners. I can offer CPD sessions, In-service day sessions as well as a 6 session group programme that builds skills and confidence on understanding trauma-infomed approached to relationships and behaviour. This is used by both experienced staff and staff looking to build an undemanding that lets them deal with the challenges they face.

These sessions cover Understanding Trauma and Attachment, Values-based practice, Behaviour as communication and an indicator of stress, Strategies and approaches to de-descalte, Listening skills and Recovery – Connecting Behaviour to Feelings.

Collegiate sessions explore reframing behaviour as an indicator of stress, this lets the adults understand they cam either add stress to situations, or take it away.


The feedback I have on this work is among the most positive I receive on any of my work.

The best CPD training I have ever had’ ‘game-changing’ Secondary School Teacher.

‘Helped me recognise how my feelings and behaviour affect situations – gave me strategies to deal with challenging behaviour‘ Secondary School Teacher

‘It has changed the way I work – I used to hold on to stress, now I do not‘ Youth Academy Football Coach 

‘Taught me importance of “consistency, especially with our values’ Football Coach 

‘Don’t react without thinking’ Football Coach

I also do some innovative and popular work directly with parents and carers on this issue. I outline the approach the school is being trained on but link it to every day life for families.

I also offer individual support to children and young people and help them reflect on behaviour and develop new strategies for dealing with the feelings and behaviour


I will also work directly with children and young people on this. I have used the development of ‘Golden Rules’ to explore the reality of behaviour – this lets us examine the ‘Unwritten Rules’ such as ‘hitting back’ – this is challenging work but essential for improved behaviour.

I can also support he development of polices and what I am also offering and delivering in a number of schools this year, is to be part for the discussion and the team ‘around the child‘ offering support, expertise and guidance on issues on behaviour, relationships, trauma and bullying.

Please feel free to get in touch and discuss any of this with me



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