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The best CPD training I have ever had’ ‘game-changing’ Secondary School Teacher.

‘I’ve never done anti-bullying training as good as this in school before‘ 4th Year Pupil

‘I went along unsure of what to expect but it was the most helpful training I’ve done in years‘ Secondary School HT

We have worked in partnership with Brian over the last two years with the overall aim of developing positive relationships across our school community.  Our staff, pupils and families hold Brian in the highest regard, and the feedback I have received from stakeholders evidences a shared experience of being listened to, valued and respected.  Brian brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring that the steps you take as a community are based firmly upon best practice approaches and within a national model of excellence.  Throughout this journey we have developed a strong connection with Brian and truly feel that he is part of our school, he has become one of us! Primary HT

Brian has re-framed our whole school approach to relationships and behaviour  – we can see how our practice is underpinned by our values and we live these very day. We are more consistent and confident‘ Primary HT

Brian has helped us be more consistent with our child and to see how to make things better for us all, we are all much less stressed‘ Parent

I was so glad I came today…I found the whole lecture really useful and insightful! Brian really changed my whole perception of how to classify bullying and that dealing with it is not only about the actual behaviours but the consequences for the children involved and working out how to progress from the child’s perspective. I actually think this should be rolled out as part of the curriculum for education students because I feel so much more confident in approaching bullying in the school now!” – (BA4)

The formula that Brian uses to assess incidents; behaviour – impact – action, is brilliant. It provides the potential for a consistent whole-school approach that still allows for each case to be treated individually and for incident-specific outcomes. I feel I have learnt a tremendous amount about how to handle bullying incidents within school. The shifting of focus from behaviour to impact truly puts the child in need at the centre and allows for their wellbeing and safety to be addressed as a first priority. The reconception of bullying as loss of agency and the response to this as focussing on giving the child back their agency not only gave me a completely new understanding of how to develop within my practice, but also allowed me to revaluate certain events from my own time in school in a way in which I have not been able to before this. Brian’s wealth of knowledge on this subject is a must for all teacher training students, I could very much have spent a whole module learning about this – the hour was not enough! Thank you so much Brian!” – (BA4)

Engaging with issues of bullying is challenging for any school. Working with Brian has provided us with a unique and valuable opportunity to make sure we get it right more of the time. With his rich background in the sector he has listened to our children and young people in a way that we couldn’t do. He is thoughtful and insightful in his analysis of the challenges we face. The training and awareness raising he has offered has been invaluable and of the highest quality. In addition he is realistic about the issues that surround life in a school. We have found working with Brian an extremely positive experience and feel far more prepared to engage with bullying in a much more positive manner in the future. We have been privileged to work with him and highly commend his work and approach’. Gordon McKinley Head of Schools Renfrewshire Council

‘Helped me recognise how my feelings and behaviour affect situations – gave me strategies to deal with challenging behaviour‘ Secondary School Teacher

It definitely encouraged me to question my commonly held beliefs about bullying and changed the way I think about it…the hour honestly flew in, could have listened to him for longer!” – (BA4)

‘opened up a whole new way to look at bullying’ CPD

able to instil confidence in me to take policy work forward‘ Primary School DHT

‘I now have a clear picture of what bullying is’ ‘Practical and informative’ ‘Inspiring’ ‘extremely knowledgable and helpful’ ‘engaging and inspiring‘ CPD attendee’s

‘makes so much sense’ primary school DHT

‘The course showed “the need to reflect on self’

‘Difficult conversations have been made a bit easier’

‘It has been good learning from others’

‘It has changed the way I work – I used to hold on to stress, now I do not’

‘Brian is an exceptionally knowledgeable and able chair. He takes the time to understand the issues and the audience, making for a smooth and thought-provoking event every time. We are always impressed by the professionalism he brings to the day and delegates consistently praise the atmosphere of open discussion he creates. I would not hesitate to recommend him.’ Sabena Blackhall. Holyrood Communications’Brian has a great way of capturing what’s important in a subject and communicating that to an audience in highly memorable ways; his ambition for improving services for children is contagious and he has a considered and informed approach to his work.’ Jennifer Davidson, University of Strathclyde

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