Children and Young People

The most enjoyable part of the work I do is engaging directly with children and young people. I have worked with children and young people since 1990 and I retain the passion and enthusiasm I started with. Children contribute so much to the culture and life in school and in their communities and they views and experiences are essential for success.

What is on offer?

All ares that I work in will include time spent face to face with children and young people, usually in their class. I use discussion to help them express themselves and share their views, it is not about who knows the right answer – its about what you think!

Discussion about behaviour, about girls and boys and what is expected of them, discussion about what is fair, give then the chance to say what they think. I use this to info adults, especially parents and carers about what their children are saying. What they worry about and what stops them telling when they are worried about things like bullying.

Their voice becomes a core part of any policy and implementation. they decide what advice is given at times to grown ups! ‘please stay calm’ remains a popular request.

I work with children to develop and agree realistic rules and expectations, I challenge emotions that hitting back is okay or that you if someone is unkind to you first, then its okay to be unkind back. Very very interesting discussion and plans made – always.

I also support colleagues when they are in need of support or guidance in relation to challenging or distressing behaviour and this includes offering support and listening to parents or carers as well.

I have also helped schools and organisations explore and develop a new set of Values  – a fundamental step in establishing the right culture. These become the framework for work on relationships, behaviour and ethos.

In schools I spend time with every class, ideally a few times to gain their trust and to get them to open up about how they feel and what is important to them.

‘We love it when Brian comes to talk to us’ 

‘It is always funny and makes me think’

‘We get to talk about things’

‘We helped write the new school rules’

‘it’s so different getting to talk about important things’

‘he really makes us think’







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